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Electric Motorbikes Could Be Your Ride To Work & Fun!

An electric motorbike might be news to you, but they are poised to make a very quiet and emission free landing in the states. Also known as the electric motor bike or electric motorcycle, these bikes run on batteries! EMB's are becoming popular nowadays because of the increasing price of gasoline. They are also environment friendly and do not cause air pollution.

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Since the time motorcycles were first introduced in the latter half of the 19th century, they have become a popular mode of transport, and a lot of innovations have been seen in the motor bike industry.
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Electric motorbikes now come in two types, the power-on-demand motorbikes and the power-assist motorbikes. Electric motorbikes used to be used for races only, but now they are used as a trendy means of transport. Electric bike motors are powered by batteries, which have a lifespan of about of one to two years. It can be charged 300 times, for a total travel length of 15,000 kms. An electric motorbike has a blade which delivers a horse power equivalent to a 250 four-stroke motor. The blade does not produce pollution nor noise.

Who will lead the pack for the next generation Two Wheel Electrics?

Two-wheeled electric motor bikes, as opposed to motorized are differentiated by speed motorbikes have greater speeds, most often greater than 30 mph (about 50 km/h). Electric bike motors are almost silent with zero-emission. Because of certain limitations of battery technology, which are normally the source of power of the electric motor, the top speed and operating range of electric motorbikes suffer. However, fuel cells and petroleum-electric hybrids are now being developed to improve the performance and extend the range of the electric motors. Examples are the Honda's scooter using the Honda FC Stack, ENV from Intelligent Energy, and the Yamaha FC-AQEL. Under development are petroleum hybrid-electric motorbikes, the Ecycle, and Yamaha's Gen-RYU.

What are the advantages and disadvantages over the use of gasoline powered motorbikes?

Advantages include lower cost of fuel—electric power costs about 25% only of the cost of gasoline, and the motor is almost silent, environment friendly with almost zero emission because of the use of grid power in charging batteries. An electric motorbike s light weight, can be ridden indoors and kept indoors. Maintenance cost is very low and there are less maintenance works, like there is no need for change of oil. An electric motorbike is much cheaper than an electric car, and it can be used in a V2G system. You do not need to go to a gas station, you can recharge your batteries at home or in charging stations.

Disadvantages  include higher up front costs than the gasoline powered motorbike. Recharging or fill up time is longer, and the range is shorter before recharging. The maximum speed is lower at similar price points. It is quite difficult to bring the battery for recharging into an apartment, more so electric power outlets are not located conveniently. They are located in driveways or near streets. The capacity of the battery can be as low as 20% in winter, with -20°C (lead battery). Riding electric motorbikes is quite dangerous since the motor is quiet. It tends to be difficult for cars and trucks to notice an electric motorbike in the streets compared to their counterparts which are powered by engines.

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